The Coop

We’ve built our coops to be durable, mobile and easy to maintain. They are xx” long, xx” wide and xx” tall and include an welded wire covered run area as well as the enclosed coop where the hens will roost at night and lay eggs. Although no coop is predator proof our many years of experience have helped us to design a predator resistant coop to keep your ladies safe and comfortable.


Our coops are all hand built by us using quality materials and hardware. Instead of using flemisy chicken wire we us 19 gauge hardware cloth to completely enclose the attached run area which helps to prevent preidator attacks. We also use a high cuality non toxic exterior paint to ensure the wood is protected against the elements. Whenever possible we source salvaged lumber and/or hardware in an attempt to both reduce cost and help the environment.


We’ve added wheels that, when engaged, will allow almost anyone to move the coop around. We suggest moving it around your yard once or twice a week so that your hens always have fresh grass and bugs to munch on. Simply lift the handle on each side to activate the wheels when youre ready to move the coop to a new location then lower the handle on each side once in place. The best part is that as long as you go slow when moving the coop you can leave the hens inside and they will move along with you.

Easy to Maintain

Since thisis everyones LEAST favorite part about keeping hens we have added features to make it as easy as possible. The end has double doors that open fully to allow easy access for cleaning out the bedding when needed or just open the left door for access to the removable nesting box to collect your eggs. The roof also lifts up to allow access for cleaning. The bottom welded wire door on the end allows access to the hanging ffeeder and waterer. All the doors are secured with predator resistant hardware.

If you are interested in just purchasing one of our coops there are many custom features we can add. Please contact us for more info.

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