We have 3 different hen house packages available

4 Weeks

$60per week
  • If you’re thinking about getting some hens but you’re just not sure if it’ll work out then this package is for you. Experience all the joys of having a pet that makes breakfast for you without the long term commitment that comes with most pets. During the 4 week period you’ll be able to decide if hen keeping fits into your life. The package comes with everything you need to get started and you’ll be collecting eggs from your own backyard before you know it

12 Weeks

$40per week
  • Maybe you’ve had hens before or know someone that does and you’re certain you’re going to LOVE collecting the fresh eggs then this package is for you. You already have some idea of what keeping hens involved and you’re ready to dive in and see how it goes. This package is also the perfect experience to share with children. It give them time to learn some responsibility… and that eggs don’t come from the grocery store shelf. But when they loose interest, as children often do, you’re not stuck with a pet to care for.


  • If you already know you’re going to fall in love with these fluffy little ladies and there’s no way you would be able to give them back then the Forever package is for you. You’ll get everything thats.included in the rental packages so you don’t have to decide which coop to buy or what feeder works best. We’ve done all the legwork for you and you get a package deal with hens that are already laying, no messing with heat lamps or breeders. Contact us for details.

What’s Included?

Our Hen House will provide your hens with a safe place to roost and lay eggs as well as some outside space to keep them happy.​​ We do reccomend letting your hens out for supervised free ranging for at least an hour every day.

Every Package Includes…

  • Custom built hen house

  • 2 egg laying hens

  • Pine shavings

  • Feeder, waterer & feed scoop

  • Locally produced layer crumbles

  • Access to the Hen Hotline for questions during your rental

  • BONUS Hens 4 Hire Handy Guide to Having Hens

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