Farm fresh, without the farm

Seattle’s FIRST chicken rental company makes having backyard chickens easy.

The entire country has been clucking about backyard chicken rentals and now Seattlites can join in. Hens 4 Hire will deliver two egg laying hens, a self contained hen house, organic feed and everything else you need for happy hens and fresh eggs.

When your rental period is over you can extend the rental, purchase the entire package or Hens 4 Hire will pick everything up leaving you with only the experience. In addition to the benefit of farm fresh organic eggs, the hens are a great learning tool for children. Fortunately you’ll be able to return this pet once the child’s interest have moved on.

The Hens

We rent hybrid hens that will lay about 6 eggs a week. Check out the breed profiles to learn more.


The Coops

Our Hen House will provide your hens with a safe place to roost and lay eggs as well as some outside space to keep them happy.​​


The Packages

We have 3 different hen house packages available for you to choose from.


Rent Your Hens Today!

We have a limited number of hen rental packages available each season . Don’t miss out on your chance for this unique experience.

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